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The Rundle Rumbles is our community newsletter.
It is published 5 times a year in January, March, May, September, and November.
There is no issue for July/August.



Your newsletter article/submission must be received by the 10th of every month prior to publication.

Due dates are:
December 10th for the Jan/Feb issue.
February 10th for the Mar/Apr issue.
April 10th for the May/June issue.
August 10th for the Sept/Oct issue.
October 10th for the Nov/Dec issue.

Accepted file formats are:
.pdf, .eps, .doc, .jpg, .png, .psd, .ai
Files must be error-free and print-ready.



Advertising in the Rundle Rumbles helps offset our printing and delivery costs. Your ad will reach approximately 4000 households in a print format. A digital copy of the newsletter will be available for viewing at, reaching more than just Rundle residents.

Please follow the due dates listed above for advertisements.
Accepted file formats are the same for advertisements.

Send an email to see our advertising rates.